Guide for Authors

Registration guide for the Journal of Novel Explorations in Computational Science and Behavioral Management

As submitting manuscripts to the journal can only be done through the website in a systematic manner, it is necessary for authors to register on the journal's website first. The registration process is as follows:

1- Select the "Register" option on the website and enter the registration page.

2- Complete the requested information on the registration page.

3- Enter the security code.

4- Save the information.

5- At this stage, a confirmation link with the username and password will be sent to the author's email.

6- Select the "Log in" option and enter the username and password.

Article Writing Guide

Criteria for submitting manuscript:

1- The content of the manuscript should be in line with the scope of the journal.

2- The manuscript should not have been published in any journal or be under review elsewhere.

3- Authors are required to prepare the following files:

  • The main manuscript file without author names.
  • The main manuscript file with author names.
  • Author commitment form (to be confirmed in the article submission system).
  • Conflict of interest form.

4- The main text of the manuscript should include introduction, theoretical foundations, methodology, findings, disscussion, conclusion, and references.

Manuscript preparation method:

1- The manuscript text should be prepared with normal spacing on regular paper (A4), with a 2.5 cm margin in Microsoft Word (doc or docx). 

2- The first page of the manuscript is the title page. The research title should be written first in the file prepared with the authors' names. The title should be precise and as short and attractive as possible to make the reader interested in reading it.

After the title, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s) are listed. For this purpose, the first author's name is written on one line, and his/her affiliation is insert on the next line. The email of corresponding author should be listed in front of his/her affiliation. The acceptable method for writing affiliation is as follows:

Faculty members: academic rank (instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor), department, university, city, country.

Gradute students: master's and/or doctoral student, department, university, city, country.

The abstract should be written on the title page and in an unstructured form, including the objective, methodology, findings, conclusion, and originality/value, between 150 to 300 words.

The keywords should consist of 4 to 7 terms and be placed on a separate line after the abstract.

3- The other sections include introduction, theoretical foundations, methodology, findings, and discussion and conclusion.

Introduction: This section should include an explanation of the main research problem, a reference to the supporting theory, the research question, a brief presentation of your research results, the importance and necessity of the research, and the structure of the research.

Theoretical foundations: Please do not include a separate title for the Literature Review. The literature review can be presented and analyzed in cohesive manner in the theoretical foundations and hypotheses development section. It is essential to refer more to recent articles in this section.

Methodology (method): This section should descrie the statistical method, hypothesis testing technique, sampling method, formulation of the model, variables definition, validity and reliability of the tool, and an explanation of the research process.

Research findings: This section should include the research demographic statistics (survey research), descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and complementary tests to strengthen and reinforce the findings.

Discussion and conclusion: This section should include items such as analysis and interpretation of findings and their conformity with theoretical and empirical background, practical recommendations, policy recommendations, future research opportunities, and limitations of the research.

Acknowledgment: If there is a supporter for the conducted research, up to two lines of acknowledgment can be added before the references.

References: Use APA citation style.

Tables, Graphs, and Figures:

Each table must have a number and a title. The table number and title should be typed in bold Times New Roman font, size 10, centered above the table, and numbered consecutively from 1. Tables should be inserted inside the text after the first reference to them. The text inside the table should be in Times New Roman font, size 11.

Regarding graphs and figures, their numbers and titles should be centered below them.

The approved criteria of the journal are presented in the following table:

Title of the manuscript Times New Roman-Bold-size 14
Headings (up to three subheadings) Times New Roman-Bold-Italic-size 12
Abstract Times New Roman-size 11
Keywords Times New Roman-size 11
Main text Times New Roman-size 12
Footnotes Times New Roman-size 10
References Times New Roman-size 12
Line spacing single spacing