When will the article be published?

The publishing schedule of the journal is in September and December of each year.

Is the manuscript visible on the dashboard to all the authors?

No, only the corresponding author can view the manuscript on his/her dashboard.

How can I prepare conflict of interest and other require forms?

The required forms in the GUIDE FOR AUTHORS section are available for download.

Will a printed version be sent after the article is published?

No, the article is open access.

Is there submitting fee and/or article processing charge (APC)?


How can I submit my manuscript?

The manuscript must be submitted only through the journal's website.

How can I track my submitted manuscript?

The corresponding author can check the status of the manuscript from his/her dashboard.

How long does the acceptance process take?

1_ After the corresponding author submits the manuscript through the system, in the first stage, the manuscript will be reviewed by the journal expert to ensure compliance with the authors guidelines. If the authors have prepared the submitted manuscript in accordance with the author's guideline regulations, the manuscript will be referred to the next stage.

2- The manuscript will be evaluated for its content quality and relevance by the editor-in-chief, associate editor, and scientific committee. This process takes about one week.

3- If the manuscript is accepted by the members of the previous stage, it will be sent to at least two reviewers. The review process is as follows:

     a. If both reviewers reject the manuscript, the manuscript will be rejected.

     b. If one reviewer's feedback is a general revision and the other reviewer's feedback is to reject the manuscript, a third reviewer's opinion will be sought, and decision will be made based on the opinions of the first and third reviewers.

     c. If both reviewers provide feedback for partial and general revision, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for revision.

4- After the auther makes the necessary corections according to the reviewers' feedback, the manuscript will be sent again to one of the reviewers for comparative evaluation.

What documents will be provided to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article?

1- An acceptance letter will be sent via email to the corresponding author.

2- The status of acceptance will also be recorded in the correspondent author's dashboard in the journal system.

How can I contact the journal?

Please visit the Contact Us section or send inquiry to the journal's email.